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Full disclosure here: I only have a few alcohol markers! Crazy right? This is why you might notice a particular color theme to all of my class projects for this lesson. However, with the different techniques I learned, they are all quite different cards. I’m happy to say they also fulfill creating some masculine cards as well. So win, win!

First card up is using a foiled paper to create texture with your alcohol markers. I had never seen this done, and it’s quite a good trick. I will be exploring it further in an update later on, but I wanted you to see in the second photo how the alcohol markers made these strips on my background look almost “cloudlike”. I think it looks really different and nice.

In this next card I was able to create my background in a very similar way as using watercolor splatters, but using the alcohol ink as my medium. Again, it shows up better in the second photo which is closer up. This splattering technique would show up more with the use of darker colors, but as I said, I have only a few alcohol markers, and for this card, I think the subtlety works.

My last card was using alcohol inks on vellum. The key I think to this technique is to heat emboss your image first and then use the backside for your coloring. Otherwise the embossing may deteriorate if you color over the embossed portion directly with alcohol ink.

I have loved working with the alcohol inks, and I hope you have found some inspiration here today.

Thanks for taking time with me today.


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