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I am now into the second class of the Level Two course for AECP! Since these classes are self paced, I am able to structure them around my schedule, and what works best for me. This is great when you have a lot going on, and there’s no time pressure!

So this class is all about conveying a certain mood with the colors we choose. I have chosen to go with blue, yellow and red. Each card will hopefully give you a sense of a certain type of feeling, and I hope I have conveyed that.

I will list the “moods” I am hoping to solicit from the viewer at the end of the post, see how many you “feel” I get right!

Blue is for tranquility and calm.

Yellow is for cheerfulness, and optimism.

Red is for passion and energy.

Leave a comment for me to let me know how you think I did.

Thanks so much for taking a little time out of your day for me!



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