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Wow, this was a great class.  Therese Calvird, the instructor  made the color wheel so easy to understand and use. I was definitely intimidated about using the wheel before this class.  Now I feel a lot more comfortable with it moving forward. If you need to learn more about color try this class at Altenew Academy: Color Your Day.

Each of my projects today are using the suggestions she lays forth in her class. My first project is a card I created by layering the color and is fairly straightforward.

I used the Altenew Essential Rock Collection paper pack for my background on this card, and just added a few sequins to finish things off. 

My next project was actually using the color wheel to create a card using the colors on the wheel. In the case of this card I used the Red-Violet with the yellow-orange and the blue-green. These colors are in the triad of the wheel.

I ink blended my background, and used watercolor pens on my images. I also embossed my images and the sentiment. These are all simple techniques, but added together to create something unique. I like how this card came together.

For my last card, I found inspiration from a calendar I purchased in Italy. I really loved all the floral images in the calendar and even though I don’t read Italian, I bought it for the images. Isn’t this a stunning picture. The colors are so vibrant!

For my card I tried to pull color from this image, and I used the color wheel again to be sure I was on the right track, rather than just winging it from the picture. One of the things I learned in this class was a formula to use when putting color together. 70% for your main color, 20% for your secondary color, and 10% “pop” of color. This helped me a lot in constructing my card.

I used the Altenew re-inkers to create my color for this card. I combined the Cotton Candy with the Midnight Violet to get the deeper red look. It’s almost a merlot color.  As you can see from the wheel. I got pretty close.

I used Evergreen Ink for the leaves, and glued them to the Shutter Die cut frame for some additional texture to my card. Last but not least I popped a small yellow butterfly on the card for my pop of color.

I don’t feel nearly as intimidated by color as I did before this class. I feel like I now have a great resource to go to when I’m having doubts about color combinations. The color wheel!

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