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Hey y’all,

While I like to post a bit more frequently, this has been a crazy holiday season, and now that we are in the New Year, I feel like I am getting back on track!  Happy New Year! Bring on 2020!

This class is a bit more than just watercoloring. All these projects use the dye inks for the watercolor. I love using dye ink to watercolor. I feel like I get good contrast and I can control the saturation a little bit better than the typical watercolors.

A few key points to keep in mind:

*Use watercolor paper. Cold pressed paper has more texture to it, but it is a good paper. Hot pressed watercolor paper on the other hand has a smoother surface, and my preference.

*You must use a waterproof ink for stamped images. Anything from a pigment ink (completely dry), an embossed image, or permanent ink.

This first card is watercolored by wetting the paper before adding ink to the embossed image. For this image, I used my inks to fill in the image that was slightly damp. Not only can you control the flow of the ink better, but you can concentrate a specific area with darker saturation. This helps to give it a more realistic effect.

For my second card, I just used different shades of ink to create the contrast. This image was not wet prior to adding the ink. As you can see, I have relied on the hue of the colors to create my contrasts.

For my third project, I used both the first technique and another technique commonly referred to as “squishing”. This is where you lay ink down on a waterproof surface and create your background or image by “squishing” the paper onto the surface. It really creates a cool effect on the paper and gives your card a unique touch. No two “squishes” will be the same. I have added some photos below for you to see the technique.

As I said, I love watercoloring cards, and this is probably my favorite way to create. While watercoloring is not new for me, the different techniques were. I thank you for staying until the end, and I hope you enjoyed!



Here’s a look at some of the progress of this card.

Embossed first and then the background added.

I then colored in my image.

After making sure the previous work was completely dry, I then masked the image again to add the silver specks to my background.


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